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PR Equine Therapy


Equine & Canine Chiropractic and Massage Therapist

I am Payton Walde, owner of PR Equine therapy and have been involved in the horse industry since I was ten. Growing up on a grain farm, I know that it is crucial for your product to perform at its best, this is the same for horses!

 I have a passion to help horses be able to perform at their best and be used to their full potential. My love for horses and interest of anatomy and how the body works makes me the person to help you and your horse reach your goals.


Just like humans, horses can misalign and become very uncomfortable. This misalignment in the skeletal system can cause many different problems, from soreness to behavioural problems to unhealthiness. Through chiropractic treatment the skeletal structure is realigned and a massage is done to restore the muscles back to a natural and relaxed state. 
No matter the work, discipline or type of horse; equine therapy can greatly benefit your horse. You will be able to see and feel the difference! My goal is to help you and your horse perform at your best!


Misalignment in the horse's body can cause discomfort and restriction in movement. Chiropractic is the manual maneuvering of the vertebrae to ensure nervous system control and complete muscle coordination. Also included are adjustments to the pelvis, hind legs, shoulders and neck which also greatly benefit the horse.

$80/treatment, $60 for 2 or more horses



On each side of the horse there are 26 stress points where ligaments and tendons come together in a group. These groups can become stiff, sore and tight from: irritation of being misaligned, fatigue, stress and injury. Massage helps relieve those areas by applying pressure and bringing oxygen and blood to the area to allow natural healing.

$80/treatment, $60 for 2 or more horses


PR Equine Therapy also offers a saddle fitting service. If you have a saddle that is pinching, too big or a wrong fit for your horse it can cause many problems. By examining the saddle and the fit on the horse I will be able to determine if it is a good match or not.

$80/treatment, $60 for 2 or more horses

Saddle Fitting

Chiropractic and acupressure go hand in hand. They are done together to ensure that your horse will be able to move freely and be able to perform at its best! Your treatment can also include a saddle fitting at your request!

Payton Walde



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Based out of Saskatoon and Kindersley Sk
Travelling throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta often

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  • toss their head

  • refuse to pick up or change a lead

  • have poor disposition

  • rock from one leg to the other

  • drag toes

  • hold their head to one side

  • have trouble flexing and bending

  • poor engagement of the hindquarters

  • not holding or gaining weight

  • will not back up in a straight line or at all

  • stiff movement

  • reoccurring or undetermined lameness

  • carries a high head


Don't Leave out your pup! Get the same chiropractic and massage treatment for just $40

Wraps, blankets, bandanas and much more made for dogs and horses!

​Simply wet and apply the product to allow the cooling effect to take over. They are non-restricting, effective, long-lasting product! 


Benefits of these products are:

-Chemical Free Cool Technology

-100% Machine Washable

-30% Lower Surface Temperature

-Wicks Sweat Away from the body

-Moisture Transportation-Accelerates drying

-Regulated Evaporation-Consistent Cooling Effect

-Any Temperature of water will start the cooling process

Items available for purchase:


-Cooling and Icing Wraps

-Cooling Bandanna

-Cooling Vest 

-Cooling Blanket



-Cooling/Icing Hock Wraps 

-Cooling and Icing Wraps 

-Cooling Blanket

Slow feeding allows the continuous secretion of  acid into their stomach, saliva from chewing buffers the acid, therefor helping reduce the risks of gastric ulcers.


Slow feeding also gives the horse something to do...alleviated boredom which prevents or moderates unwanted behaviours such as cribbing, weaving, stall walking, fence chewing.

Sizes available:

-snack net

-trailer net

-stall net

-overnight net


-round bale net

-square bale net

Coolaid Products and Knaughty Nets

Coolaid Products

Knaughty Nets

Coolaid & Nets
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